Security Camera Systems

Security alarm systems have the capability to immediately alert the monitoring station or user of a potential threat but they lack the capacity to assess what the threat may be. Security cameras are unable to immediately alert professional monitoring personnel of potential threats but they are an excellent to allow for complete assessment of what the threat may be. If an alarm event occurs the monitoring station will be able to alert the authorities of the potential threat but they cannot assess if it is a credible threat. When the authorities are notified of an alarm event they are aware of the fact that the majority of alarm events are false alarms so an unverified alarm is not given a high priority response. When an alarm system is combined with professional security cameras and an alarm event occurs the cameras may be accessed remotely to confirm that a credible threat exists and it is not a false alarm. In this situation when the authorities are contacted they are informed that the is a confirmed intrusion in progress and can be given a description of the suspect as well as they will be informed that there is recorded evidence if they need to prosecute the suspect in court. When the authorities receive a confirmed break-in in progress and are given a description of the suspect(s) involved as well as informed that there is recorded evidence for future prosecution available they will drop what they are doing and consider this a high priority call. This provides the customer with a much higher level of security than an alarm system on its own.

Note: Security camera systems cannot be bought out of a box and quality surveillance products cannot be purchased in department stores!!!

1)     Department security cameras are always of poor quality and design in order to sell them cheap and make the customer think they are getting a good deal – YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR.

2)     The image quality is poor even if it looks not bad in the store when you stand right in front of it but as soon as they are installed in a large room, in different lighting environments, up high or outdoors they are unable to provide good quality images.

3)     The quality of the cameras may appear to be not bad when they are viewed in a store but the video recorders are not able to record the images in high resolution so that when you review or try to save the recorded video it is of much more poorer quality than when you view it live on the monitor. This means when you need the visual evidence that the surveillance system is supposed to give you the quality is not there. Often these recording devices are only able to record a single camera at a time.

4)     The cameras lack professional features that will allow your camera to be placed in most areas so most of the time your image’s quality and recordings will be of extremely poor quality.

5)     Department store security camera systems are not weather proof rated or cold weather capable and should never be put outdoors.

6)     With security cameras it is imperative that you get the right camera for each place that you wish to locate a camera, this means that you will usually require several different types of cameras at a single residence or business. The better the camera selection for each individual location means the better the quality of your picture for each individual location which means the better the system will work for your specific needs. If you buy a security camera package with four or more identical cameras that are not suited for their specific placement it usually means that you have four or more poor quality picture images.

7)     There is a reason why department stores will not install or service their camera systems they know that professional quality service personnel are much more valuable than the poor quality systems they sell and no highly trained security technician will waste their time and credibility by installing garbage equipment that rarely works properly and often breaks down.

8)     At Iron Castle we replace a lot of department store systems and the customers are always pleasantly surprised at the difference our systems make.


Note: Be wary of low cost security companies that tell you they can provide professional security cameras by mounting a web cam at your front door.

1)     These web cam rental systems are not custom designed quality security camera systems and do not provide for security coverage that most residences and businesses require.

2)     They are not professionally installed and involve hanging a web camera onto your door and then placing a bunch of cables off your back door and then laying an extension cord in the middle of your entrance and leaving it in the middle of your hallway until it reaches the nearest plug in. This provides an extremely cheap looking and quality installation as well as in most cases a safety hazard with a bunch of cables lying around your hallway and front entrance.

3)     Professionally installed security cameras should never have their cables visible and the power cables should also be hidden in the walls, ceiling or floors. Professionally installed cameras systems should be attractive and add value to your property not some rental web camera that makes your place look like a cheap mess. Again ... YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR.

As with security alarm systems it is extremely important that you purchase quality products and receive a security experts advice as to what kind of equipment to purchase and where to locate the camera system’s components to ensure optimal performance. At Iron Castle we have dozens of cameras and recorders available to ensure that you get the right camera for the job to guarantee your system will meet your specific needs.

For peace of mind, you need to know that what you cherish most—your family and your home—are safe and secure. Look no further than Iron Castle’s professional security systems.


Security Alarm Systems

Security alarms are a fundamental necessity for every home and business; you cannot afford not to protect your loved ones or lively hood. For most people their home is the biggest investment they will make in their life time and getting a security system to protect their investment from theft or environmental damage is essential. Contact an Iron Castle security professional for a free estimate and we can custom design a security system to provide you complete coverage to protect your home from any threat of theft of environmental damage. Get the coverage you need so when the unexpected happens you are protected.

Having your alarm system professionally monitored by Iron Castle means your security system has a 24 hour direct feed to our national monitoring station where we have experienced monitoring personnel ready to respond to any emergency situation and alert the appropriate authorities (Police, Fire or Medical) of the threat so they can respond immediately. When a sensor or contact from your alarm system is activated our monitoring station has a high priority direct communication to your local emergency response authorities who are ready to respond to your specific condition and be at your door usually within minutes of any emergency situation. No matter where you are or what you are doing we are always there monitoring your location. Experience the peace of mind from knowing that your home or business is always secured.

In many cases having a monitored security alarm will pay for itself just from the up to 20% discount you can receive from your home owners insurance. In most areas in Canada it is against the law to have an alarm system that is not being professionally monitored and the police fines for having an alarm system that is not being monitored can run into the hundreds of dollars.

Note: Be very concerned about a sales man that goes door to door selling alarm systems.

1)     These individuals are almost always part of a team of part time seasonal crews, usually college students which are poorly trained, representing companies that do not have an office in the area where they are trying to sell the system.

2)     With poor training and minimal experience in the security industry they are unable to design a customized security system that will give you the complete coverage you require.

3)     The installers that accompany these sales reps are also usually poorly trained and inexperienced installers that are not qualified to set up a professional alarm system.

4)     Without having a full time office in the area the company is not able to provide service and support to the customer or alarm system in the event that a problem occurs.

5)     The monitoring station is also usually not located in the area that the alarm system has been installed so when a threat occurs the monitoring station will not be familiar with the local authorities or the location of the threat which will seriously affect the quality and timeliness of their alarm response.

Note: 2-way audio cannot confirm a break-in in progress; it will not provide for a visual description of a suspect and provides no recorded evidence for ensuring a prosecution of the suspect. With 2-way audio no criminal has ever responded to the monitoring personnel’s request to provide identification or responded that they are in fact a criminal. Do buy into misleading advertisements or fancy marketing campaigns.